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    U – Shaped Kitchen

    Kiwva U – Shaped Kitchen

    U - Shaped Kitchen

    One of the most common kitchen layout is ”U-shaped” kitchen layout. A ”U-shaped” kitchen is a kitchen design that features 3 walls that are lined with cabinets & appliances. It maximises the wall space by using the cabinets. Hence, more storage availability. The ”U-shaped” kitchen layout is very easy to access at various areas of kitchen for home owners without needing to walk across the room.

    ”U-shaped” kitchens can be designed for small or large spaces. They allow ample storage & surround you with benchtops on 3 sides- So there is a plenty of space to cook & prepare the food. One major benefit of a ”U-shaped” kitchen is that 2 or more cooks can operate at the same time- Great for when you are entertaining or simply have a big family to feed.

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