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    Straight Line Kitchen

    Kiwva Straight Line Kitchen

    Straight Line kitchen

    Also known as ”Single Line Kitchen” is designed entirely along a single wall. Like the galley kitchen, single wall kitchens are almost exclusively used in apartments. A single wall kitchen layout means that all of the appliances, hob & sink are within arm’s reach at most times. The sink in the one wall kitchen generally sits between the oven & the refrigerator & counter space is then placed both sides.

    ”Straight Line” kitchens are suitable for studio apartments or flats where space is extremely limited. They are not ideal for much more than basic cooking & will be a challenge for more than one person to use at any given time. ”Straight Line” kitchens are the best choice when the cooking & entertainment are a low priority.

    The ”Straight Line” kitchen layout keeps the work flow run smoothly as all the work zones are close together. This kitchen layout uses a single work line, positioning all three kitchen areas – hob, sink & refrigerator- side by side. The smaller the distance between the three work points, the better the functionality.

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