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    Register Your Service Request Here

    Register Your Service Request Here

    Kiwva Care

    Kiwva care is an online complain portal where you can register your complain regarding any problem in your modular kitchen & wardrobe after installation. Our maintenance team will take care of your kitchens & wardrobes.
    Just submit your service request or any problem you are facing & we will get back to you with the best solution as soon as we can.


    What is Kiwva Care?

    It is our post installtion service & warranty program where our team visit your kitchen or wardrobe to ensure everything is working properly.

    Whom do I contact if I need a FREE service visit?

    Please visit Kiwva Care & submit your details & the problem you are facing.

    Do I have to pay for every service?

    We provide 3 years free service on Modular Kitchens that will include 1 free routine checkup of kitchen yearly. One of our technician will visit your site & check the alignment & balancing of shutters & other fittings installed by Kiwva.

    I understand Kiwva offers a Lifetime Warranty. What does this cover?

    • Kiwva lifetime warranty only applies if the products are properly maintained & used for domestic use. Normal incidental deterioration that is considered as natural wear & tear of finishes & surfaces, for eg: nicks, cuts, scratches & abrasions which result from normal use during the standard life of the product are not covered under any kind of warranty.
    • The warranty period of any hardware, fittings, accessories & appliances will be the same as that offered by the original product manufacturer.
    • The customer must have the proof that the payment of the product has been fully paid by him/her.


    Kiwva is not responsible for any damage to products including wood work and hardware caused by any of the following:

    • Normal incidental deterioration that is considered as natural wear & tear of finishes & surfaces, for eg: nicks, cuts, scratches & abrasions which result from normal use during the standard life of the product.
    • Kiwva lifetime warranty does not cover rusting of channels, hinges & other metallic parts. These could be damaged due to house hold chemical & sprays. Hence, care is to be taken while using such products around hardware & accessories.
    • Water leakage & seepage within the building structure & continuous dampness of the surface beyond:

    -72 Hours For BWP Grade Plywood

    -48 Hours For BWR  Grade Plywood

    -24 Hours For MDF

    • Fading in color, grain or texture of Natural Wood materials, Laminate, Acrylic, PU paint & other covering material due to sunlight or other environmental factors such as excessive light, moisture or heat will not be covered under Lifetime Warranty.
    • Use of inappropriate chemical, detergents, abrasives or other inappropriate cleaning agents that can damage the surface of any material or rust the accessories, channels or hinges.
    • Alterations, modifications, or use of products which is beyond or inconsistent with supplied product instructions & has not been authorized by Kiwva.
    • Damaged caused by any natural event such as earthquake, floods, lightning or any environmental conditions.
    • The warranty will not cover any loses & damages caused directly or indirectly by the products.
    • The warranty on hardware, fittings & accessories will be valid on billed product/items only.

    What if I face alignment & balancing problem in my kitchen just after some days or months after your 1st free visit?

    We charge a bare minimum amount ie ₹ 1500/site visit.

    What if my kitchen cabinets get Termite?

    We provide Lifetime Warranty on modular kitchens only. The infected cabinet will be replaced with the new cabinet.

    What if I do not pay the balance amount within 7 days after I get my handover?

    Kiwva has the right to void all the warranties and services without any prior notice in case of non payment of the balance amount by the client.

    Who will clean my site and remove the lamination from shutters after work completion?

    Cleaning the site and removing lamination from shutters after work completion will be in client scope.

    What if I do not get the EPT work done as per the drawings provided by Kiwva?

    Kiwva will not be able to provide Lifetime Warranties and Services in such conditions hence all the warranties and services will be voided without any prior notice if such situation arise.

    Do you provide Lifetime Warranties and Services on Wardrobes as well?

    No, we only provide five years warranty on wardrobes that will include one free service for 3 years. The warranty will only include manufacturing defects, that means no warranties will be provided in case of termite after 5 years.

    When will my Lifetime Warranty and Service starts?

    You will get a site handover E-mail from us once the work is fully completed by our end & from that day your warranties & services will start.

    When will I not get the warranties & services on Kitchens & Wardrobes?

    In case of using existing slab, existing tiles or no tiles & existing skirting. No warranties & services will be provided on Kitchens & Wardrobes.

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