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    Difference Between Modular Kitchen & Carpenter Made Kitchen

    Kitchen is the heart of the home, where magic happens. It is the most important part of the house where our favorite dish is cooked.

    As people are adapting a luxurious lifestyle day by day, they are taking innovative steps to make everything comfortable and convenient. Modular Kitchen is one such thing that people are preferring nowadays over carpenter made kitchens due to a number of reasons:

    • The Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Delhi NCR offers you a variety of designs that a carpenter cannot offer. Moreover, a carpenter is unaware of the trends going on so he cannot help with you with designs. A designer may also help you with kitchen accessories that a carpenter is unable to do.

    • Modular Kitchen utilizes each and every corner of your kitchen by placing corner units for storing containers. This space management cannot be found in a carpenter made kitchen.

    • Modular Kitchen provides a great impression as it uses machine techniques like edge banding which provides smooth edges and finishes with uniformity in the work that a carpenter made kitchen cannot.

    • The Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Gurgaon offers Lifetime Warranty for their kitchen and make sure that the customers are happy with their service and they will also make sure that the kitchen remains in working condition always. Carpenters do not provide any such service or warranty for their work.

    • Modular Kitchens have higher price as compared to carpenter made kitchens but the material used for modular kitchens are of superior quality that is durable and functional.

    • Modular Kitchens are pre designed and installed at the site according to the customer’s requirements but a carpenter made kitchen is created on-site that can create a mess at the site.

    • While shifting, parts of a modular kitchen can disassembled easily but the case is not the same for carpenter made kitchen as the cabinets are fixed and cannot be disassembled easily.

    • The cost of carpenter made kitchen may vary with time and they also keep on adding many services for which the price may exceed your budget.

    • The Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Delhi provides you with 2D or 3D drawings of the kitchen layout that a carpenter cannot provide.

    • A carpenter takes limitless time for making a kitchen but a professional company always confirms a particular date for installation.

    Modular Kitchen is the best option nowadays as it is worth your money, stress free and provides benefits that a carpenter made kitchen cannot provide.

    Before taking your decision, consult a modular kitchen designer and a carpenter to grab enough information for taking an effective decision.

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