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    Modular Kitchen is a modern kitchen which comprises of cabinets or cupboards, counter tops, internal accessories like chimney, built-in-oven, sink with drain board, dishwasher etc. In flats or apartments which have space limitation, modular kitchen helps to use the space effectively and give the best out of limited space. A modular kitchen is pre-designed and less time consuming as it is prepared according to the client’s specifications and delivered to them when required. It is suitable for apartments, villas, offices and hotels. People prefer modular kitchens because it is highly customized according to the client needs & requirements.


    The best Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Delhi NCR encompasses a variety of designs and finishes that makes a kitchen functional but homely. A modular kitchen decently decorates the home but make sure you choose a design that is sleek, stylish, convenient, and affordable.

    The best Modular Kitchen manufacturer ensures that you don’t face any problem during and after the installation.

    There are many material options available for Modular Kitchen shutters & cabinets like laminates, acrylic, PU paint, BWR ply etc. One needs to decide depending on their preference and budget.

    The most important part is to choose the best Modular Kitchen Studio that helps you with every step of assembly and installation and makes the process much smoother and straightforward.

    Types of Modular Kitchen are:

    • L-Shaped Kitchen

    L-shaped kitchen is widely suited for smaller homes as it uses minimum floor area and provides maximum storage. This is a compact design as the units in this type of kitchen are placed across the adjoining two walls and there is ample space to cook and dine there.

    • U-Shaped Kitchen

    U-shaped kitchen is suitable when the kitchen area is long and the apartment is spacious. It has sufficient space for cupboards across the wall and extra counter space. This type of kitchen also has space for floor cabinets and is ideal for a joint family.

    • Straight Kitchen

    Straight kitchen is fit for filling small kitchen area in the home. It involves refrigerator, fitted oven, cupboards and cabinets all in a straight line against a wall. These types of kitchen are suitable for studios and offices. Straight kitchen is also called an open kitchen.

    • Parallel Kitchen

    Parallel kitchens comprises of two cabinets facing each other against two opposite walls. It is the most efficient layout and favorable for long and narrow kitchen space. This type of kitchen has space for huge appliances and storage cabinets. Mostly bigger houses have parallel layout as it embraces large area and is also recommended by chefs.

    • Peninsula Kitchen

    Peninsula kitchen or G-shaped kitchen is best for large storage space and it covers less floor space. It has a secondary counter that is accessible from four sides and separate from the cooking area. In this type of kitchen, dining space is there, adjacent to the kitchen.

    • Island Kitchen

    Island kitchen is the kitchen that is in trend nowadays. It melds L-shaped kitchen with a counter in the middle which can be used as a breakfast table or stove top. It has more storage space, separated from cooking area, versatile layout and is ideal for big homes.

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